Yvonne Martinez, Canadian Artist


Yvonne’s  “Crowsline Studio” is tucked away amongst the ancient trees and majestic mountains of Coleman, a former mining town located in the Crowsnest Pass area of southern Alberta, Canada.

The “old” town of Coleman was declared a protected National Historic Site by Parks Canada. It is a mining town  chosen from across Canada that best represents the real character of a working coal town (most of the mine structures and old homes still exist – as they used a lot of brick and mountain rock in their construction methods of yesteryear).

From her front porch, Yvonne can watch the many wild creatures and birds native to the area (most bird species found in Alberta migrate through the low peaks of this range of the Rockies known as The Pass). Some of the animal species she views have been from the miniscule Pygmy Shrew to the enormous Moose. The range of avian species have included the smallest North American bird – the Calliope hummingbird to a full ‘herd’ of wild Merriam Turkeys. The Flathead Mountain range directly in front of her home and studio has five peaks known world wide for the ‘extreme caving experience’.

Welcome to the Crowsline Studio