Yvonne Martinez, Canadian Artist

Birdhouse Walkway

Unique Birdhouse DesignAn avid animal lover and field naturalist, Yvonne has witnessed an abundance of animal and bird wildlife along her daily walks. She aims for a good hour each day – both for the vital exercise and the inspiration ‘out in nature’ can bring her. Often when someone visits – she is thrilled to lead them through her 1/2 hour Birdhouse Walkway stroll on her land (with 70 handmade houses) or accompany her along a favourite view trail. One in particular is an easy 20 minute jaunt to see Alberta’s oldest living tree – a Limber Pine – cored at approx 1700 years old!

Below are just a few examples of over 70 handmade houses that dot the pathway of the “Woodland Walkway of Unusual Birdhouses.”

Woodland Walkway of Unusual Birdhouses

Mountain Chickadee: This little cousin of the urban chickadee is nesting in this house (The Picket Post) on my trail of unusual birdhouses. It is a species that lives in woodland areas, has the distinctive white bar head markings, and their sound is often described as a “Black Capped Chickadee with a cold.”

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