Yvonne Martinez, Canadian Artist
  • Yvonne Martinez Crows Painting

    'The Crowsline' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Yvonne Martinez Blue Jay Painting

    'Blues in the Night' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Penguin Painting by Yvonne Martinez

    'The Tuxedo Quartet' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Chickadee Painting by Yvonne Martinez

    'Friends in High Places' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Yvonne Martinez Hummingbird Painting

    'The Giant & The Jewels' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Turkey Painting by Yvonne Martinez

    'Tom and Tilly' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.

  • Chickdea Painting by Yvonne Martinez

    'Tease, Peas and Bees' by Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A.


Yvonne Martinez, A.F.C.A., has specialized in watercolour paintings of birds and flowers since 1981 and works out of her Crowsnest Pass, Alberta studio. Her artwork portrays her deep love for the avian bird species as well as her love for words. The titles she chooses are quite a creation in themselves. She says that it is a real compliment when people request her work by title – instead of by the bird species painted. Her imagery of birds and botanicals is a combination of delicate and subtle charm – painted with strong and dynamic composition. Many pieces she has designed and painted, have found their way into collections nation wide. Yvonne invites you to explore her website and to contact her to stop by and view her artwork at the Crowsline Studio today.

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